About Me

Hi I'm Rhiannon but you can call me Rhi-like the bread! ;)

I started blogging after lots of prodding from friends and family.

Why, because I love to create but after having infertility issues and
then having a "Heart" Baby .....I lost my mojo.
This is my attempt to get it back.

 A little about me: I Love chocolate, breakfast for dinner, a good movie, and wish I was born in the50's. I love the skirts-so girlie!!  I love to take pictures and sold scrapbook supplies for years. I have taught crafting classes before and loved it!

  I have been married for 16 years. We live in a house that Hubby built!
My Hubby and I have 3 kids M-15 Big J-11 Baby J-2.
I love to spend time with my Family. We love to travel, play board games and watch movies together.

I love to craft with my friends and I am in awe of all their talents
I Love any type of craft. Paper, Fabric,foam, glue,Wood, bring it on, I can work with anything.
I love helping others create fun decor for their home.
 I have even built a Parade float before and Yes, it was amazing!

  I am very Frugal, it drives me crazy to pay full price for anything.
 I love coupons and finding good deals. Dollar store finds make me giddy!

 I love making new friends and am excited to see who I will meet in the bloggy world.

Thanks for stopping by and Create a Great day!