Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful Decorating!

I       LOVE    FALL
The colors, the smells... it's all just Fabulous. I've been super busy this last month and I'm excited for a little break. I started by putting away the Halloween and bringing out the Thanksgiving!!
 Starting with my mantle and a craft made at Super Saturday a couple of years ago.
They turned out so cute! The wood is from The Wood Connection- with my own spin on it :)
I have my beautiful Pilgrim's that my Mom painted for me when I was first married,
sitting on my piano
aren't they adorable!
And by my front table....more Thanksgiving LOVE!

On my side table I have a needlework that a friend of mine designed.
 Isn't it fabulous! She is talented!!!
I just finished my Thankful Tree which will hopefully be a new tradition in our house. I filled a little basket with leaves and hope my family will show some gratitude for each other! maybe???
My front porch is my all-time Favorite.
I love my big Turkey -aka- Mr. T ! Hee, Hee

I made him several years ago, but he just makes me so Happy!
Mixed with leaves and pumpkins its the perfect Welcome for my Fall guests.

I love having decorations for Thanksgiving that have special memories of Friends, Family and good times.
 I know I have so much to be Thankful for :)

Thanks for stopping by and if you decorate for Thanksgiving, send me some pics. I'd love to see!

Have a Great Day!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bathroom update

So remember way back when I first hinted about changing my Kids Bath here????
Here's a reminder -I know it's been awhile!
My cute Froggy Bathroom. Its been this way a long time. I think it's ready for an update..don't you!!!

While looking at all the beautiful trim and wainscoting in Blog land, I decided to take the plunge too!              Not a canon ball plunge .....just a get my toes wet plunge,
 by putting some wainscoting in the Kids bath.

I painted the walls using Clear Blue Sky By Behr.

Then my Sweet Hubby put up Wainscoting and Basic Crown Molding for me. Love that Man!!!

He used  a nail gun and just enough nails to attach the trim so if I ever want to take it down we wont have to redo the Sheetrock. Not that it will happen anytime soon but I do like change every now and then ;)

He calls this the "Old School Tool" to get the right cut around the counter. Yes, He is a genius!

Doesn't it look so nice. You can get the same look by tracing around the countertop on paper and then cutting it out to make a template.

To get behind the Toilet, we emptied the water tank and unhooked the white hose on the outside. Hubby cut a circle in the wood and together shimmied it into place and then reattached the hose. It looks perfect and it really wasn't that hard to do!

Then Hubby attached new base boards and I painted it all white.

I used just plain Ultra white in Semi-gloss.

You can just see the Crown Molding around the top. We used some MDF we had in the garage and cut it down to 1x5. It's simple and it helps "bring down" the tall ceiling in the small bath.

  Can you see whats missing??? No Towel Bar, I have plans for this wall!
and a view from the shower. Beautiful!
 We also changed out the Showbiz light and put something a little nicer!
 I LOVE how calm and refreshing this Bathroom feels now. I think its perfect and I'm so excited to start decorating this Bath for my Boys. I've already ordered a new Shower curtain and it should be here tomorrow! Yeah !!!!

I'll post some pics as soon as I get it up. Also I'll be working on some fun art work. So stick around!

Thanks for stopping by and Have a Great Day!!!

                                                                 ♥ Rhi

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Month of LEGOS

March is Birthday month for us.
As we were planning parties we noticed a theme.


My Boys LOVE them.

So naturally we had a LEGO Birthday Party!

I found a fun Birthday invite at allisonwaken.com

I also found these yummy treat idea on livinglocurto.com

Lego Birthday Party Cake Pops

We made marshmallow Pops that looked like LEGO heads. I used a big marshmallow and 1 little marshmallow cut in half to make it look like a LEGO.
I let the boys make their own faces.......
I would show you but they promptly ate them before I could get a pic. Boys..geesh!

and of course CAKE!
I asked Jesse for some LEGOS to decorate with...This is all he had to spare!

I made a checkerboard cake using a Wilson baking kit. It looks like LEGOS to me!

We also had a Family party and made a super fast LEGO cake.
Yep, Ding Dongs on top of a regular cake....Super Easy!

We didn't do games but here are some fun ones....

Find the LEGO guy at deliacreates.blogspot.com

and of course building with LEGOS!

We had lots of fun at the parties.  I'm still amazed at how fast kids grow-up!

Thanks for stopping by and Build a Great Day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Wreath

Spring is Here!
I'm so excited. I have been seeing Birds and my flowers are starting to come up.
On Pinterest I have been seeing lots of fun spring projects.

Easy spring centerpiece/table runner.
Pinned Image

super cute spring chick cake pops
perfect for spring!

I love SPRING! After all the dreariness of Winter, I'm so ready for color and to hear the birds sing. Going outside without FREEZING is always nice too! It reminded me of New beginning and of the Beauty that is all around us.  I have been looking for spring crafts online. There is so many Talented people in this world. So Many cute ideas. After seeing all the amazing wreaths on-line I wanted one too!

So I headed to Hobby Lobby and got my supplies:

2 Grapevine wreaths
4 Sprigs of White Flowers
1 Sprig of yellow Flowers
2 bags of moss
1 Bag of eggs

                                                                                                I started by using wire cutters and cutting off the flower stems from the branch. Then I took my moss and placed it around the wreath, tucking it under branches occasionally. I then used my glue gun to secure all the moss in place. Then laid the flowers around the wreath until they looked good. A little hot glue and they were not going anywhere! I glued the birds nest on and when I got to the eggs I stoped! They weren't the colors I wanted so I made a new color  using some paints I had at home.                                                   

I sanded the hard edges then painted  and speckled them using an old toothbrush and brown paint.
 Easy Peasy!

Aren't they Perfect!  I love how the blue POPS against the green and white!

I finished them off with spray sealer and glued them in.

I LOVE this Wreath. It was so cheap. I was able to make 2 wreaths for $20.00 !

WooHoo. It's just perfect for my front door!

I was thinking about adding some birds or butterflies? What do you think?
Do you love Spring too ?!?!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a mess!!

This desk in our kitchen is the catch all for everything!
It's always a mess of mail, school work and coupons. Probably a bill or two :-(

Please tell me you have a space that looks like this??? Anyone......?

So when I was at Target the other day and saw these cute organization stuff on sale, I grabbed them and ran to the checkout!

Bad pic - sorry ;)

Aren't they so fun! I love the designs and they are so functional!
I think they will be perfect to help me get organized.

I started by sorting all of the papers into categories and then made a file for each one.
I also made a file for each person in our Family!

After I got all the papers organized I placed my file box by my phone so it would be easy to access. I also had a calendar that I hung on the side with a 3M Christmas light hook.
Yea, I thought that was pretty creative! Hee, Hee

Doesn't that look so much better!
Everyone has a place to put their papers and hopefully no more "Lost" bills. ;)

I LOVE it.

Not bad for less than $8.00.  Woo Hoo!
 Let's see how long it will stay looking this great!?!?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gettin' my Irish on!

Cliffs of Moher, County Clare
Isn't Ireland Gorgeous. Green rolling Hills,cliffs and castles.  Music,Stories an Irish Jig. 
Everything about it seems so inviting!

Some day I would like to visit but until then I'll just show my Love of the Irish by decorating for
ST. Patricks Day.

My console table - Always Festive!

This is a Pine Mountain Designs-  monthly sampler. I took out the lamb and added a rainbow. 
                                                              Don't forget the Leprechauns!

You can never have enough LUCK!

I made these last year. The letters are from the Wood Connection and I used sugar glitter to give them some ..........BLING! 

Do you remember Swith-A-Roos by Barbara Brown..
I knew you would...Hee,Hee.

I Love the rainbows and the cute Leprechaun!

Can you tell I have a thing for Red Heads! Ha!

I know it needs a new stand or something but, I'll do for now!

Oh, and of course.......
 eighteen 25 printable!

I love all their printables they look so cute and make the Holidays so fun!

* I'm not done decorating my shelf so I'll let the eighteen25 girls help me out with the pic! :)

Look What I found at Target!!!!! my very own Leprechaun.
Cheesy Grinning Leprechaun!
Isn't he adorable. He found this pot and climbed in!
He was very sad when we didn't buy it. :(

We have some fun plans for the Big Green Day!
Including games, a leprechaun trap and green food..

What do you do to celebrate????

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Need me some GREEN!

Winter is hard. The cold and snow gets to me after awhile. So last year I thought I was being pretty clever when I decided to add some GREEN to my winter! I went down to Lowes and bought four different succulent plants.
 I thought I would beat the winter blues with my new garden. Well, then really life happens and 6 months later this is what it looks like :/

Have you ever had the best intentions but really bad follow through???
I hear a "yes" way in the back! Hee hee!

So I took the remaining 3 Live ones and decided to make the best of it.

I started with a new container. I've had this one for a while, I got it at T.J Maxx.

Got some dirt and borrowed some small pebbles from the fish tank.

Yes, I washed the pebbles really good!

I put the pebbles in first- this helps drain water and it looks pretty!

Then I added some dirt and the remaining 3  succulents.

It was super easy. I must be super lazy for not getting it done sooner! Ha!

Now I can sit back with a nice cup of Hot Cocoa and RELAX!

Hope you have a great day!

♥ Rhi