Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Month of LEGOS

March is Birthday month for us.
As we were planning parties we noticed a theme.


My Boys LOVE them.

So naturally we had a LEGO Birthday Party!

I found a fun Birthday invite at

I also found these yummy treat idea on

Lego Birthday Party Cake Pops

We made marshmallow Pops that looked like LEGO heads. I used a big marshmallow and 1 little marshmallow cut in half to make it look like a LEGO.
I let the boys make their own faces.......
I would show you but they promptly ate them before I could get a pic. Boys..geesh!

and of course CAKE!
I asked Jesse for some LEGOS to decorate with...This is all he had to spare!

I made a checkerboard cake using a Wilson baking kit. It looks like LEGOS to me!

We also had a Family party and made a super fast LEGO cake.
Yep, Ding Dongs on top of a regular cake....Super Easy!

We didn't do games but here are some fun ones....

Find the LEGO guy at

and of course building with LEGOS!

We had lots of fun at the parties.  I'm still amazed at how fast kids grow-up!

Thanks for stopping by and Build a Great Day!

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