Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bathroom update

So remember way back when I first hinted about changing my Kids Bath here????
Here's a reminder -I know it's been awhile!
My cute Froggy Bathroom. Its been this way a long time. I think it's ready for an update..don't you!!!

While looking at all the beautiful trim and wainscoting in Blog land, I decided to take the plunge too!              Not a canon ball plunge .....just a get my toes wet plunge,
 by putting some wainscoting in the Kids bath.

I painted the walls using Clear Blue Sky By Behr.

Then my Sweet Hubby put up Wainscoting and Basic Crown Molding for me. Love that Man!!!

He used  a nail gun and just enough nails to attach the trim so if I ever want to take it down we wont have to redo the Sheetrock. Not that it will happen anytime soon but I do like change every now and then ;)

He calls this the "Old School Tool" to get the right cut around the counter. Yes, He is a genius!

Doesn't it look so nice. You can get the same look by tracing around the countertop on paper and then cutting it out to make a template.

To get behind the Toilet, we emptied the water tank and unhooked the white hose on the outside. Hubby cut a circle in the wood and together shimmied it into place and then reattached the hose. It looks perfect and it really wasn't that hard to do!

Then Hubby attached new base boards and I painted it all white.

I used just plain Ultra white in Semi-gloss.

You can just see the Crown Molding around the top. We used some MDF we had in the garage and cut it down to 1x5. It's simple and it helps "bring down" the tall ceiling in the small bath.

  Can you see whats missing??? No Towel Bar, I have plans for this wall!
and a view from the shower. Beautiful!
 We also changed out the Showbiz light and put something a little nicer!
 I LOVE how calm and refreshing this Bathroom feels now. I think its perfect and I'm so excited to start decorating this Bath for my Boys. I've already ordered a new Shower curtain and it should be here tomorrow! Yeah !!!!

I'll post some pics as soon as I get it up. Also I'll be working on some fun art work. So stick around!

Thanks for stopping by and Have a Great Day!!!

                                                                 ♥ Rhi

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  1. I'm soooo glad to see you posting something again! <3