Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Wreath

Spring is Here!
I'm so excited. I have been seeing Birds and my flowers are starting to come up.
On Pinterest I have been seeing lots of fun spring projects.

Easy spring centerpiece/table runner.
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super cute spring chick cake pops
perfect for spring!

I love SPRING! After all the dreariness of Winter, I'm so ready for color and to hear the birds sing. Going outside without FREEZING is always nice too! It reminded me of New beginning and of the Beauty that is all around us.  I have been looking for spring crafts online. There is so many Talented people in this world. So Many cute ideas. After seeing all the amazing wreaths on-line I wanted one too!

So I headed to Hobby Lobby and got my supplies:

2 Grapevine wreaths
4 Sprigs of White Flowers
1 Sprig of yellow Flowers
2 bags of moss
1 Bag of eggs

                                                                                                I started by using wire cutters and cutting off the flower stems from the branch. Then I took my moss and placed it around the wreath, tucking it under branches occasionally. I then used my glue gun to secure all the moss in place. Then laid the flowers around the wreath until they looked good. A little hot glue and they were not going anywhere! I glued the birds nest on and when I got to the eggs I stoped! They weren't the colors I wanted so I made a new color  using some paints I had at home.                                                   

I sanded the hard edges then painted  and speckled them using an old toothbrush and brown paint.
 Easy Peasy!

Aren't they Perfect!  I love how the blue POPS against the green and white!

I finished them off with spray sealer and glued them in.

I LOVE this Wreath. It was so cheap. I was able to make 2 wreaths for $20.00 !

WooHoo. It's just perfect for my front door!

I was thinking about adding some birds or butterflies? What do you think?
Do you love Spring too ?!?!


  1. So pretty. It looks georgeous on your door. You are one creative mama!

  2. Thanks Mirinda! You're pretty awesome yourself!